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Does Summit collect sales tax?

Yes, starting in July 2019, Summit collects sales tax for online courses and any Summit Subscription if the customer billing address is in Tennessee or Texas.


Will sales tax apply to my purchase? 

Yes, if you live in Texas or Tennessee and purchase an online course or any Summit Subscription plan.  However, live courses and webinars are not taxed.

State Subscription Live Courses
& Webinars
Online Courses
TN & TX Yes No Yes
Other States No No No

 If you are paying with a payment method connected to a tax exempt organization (via check, PO, or credit card), you may contact our customer service team to have your purchase tax exempt after meeting additional documentation requirements.


How much is sales tax for me?

Sales tax is a combination of state and local taxes:

  • For Tennessee this calculation is based on Summit's home office location for everyone in Tennessee producing a tax amount of 9.75%.
  • For Texas this amount varies based on your billing zipcode.
    • A technical note for Texas: Summit's online courses and subscriptions are taxed with a 20% exemption applied, meaning only 80% of your order fee will actually be taxed.  While you will see a standard tax rate noted during checkout and on your invoice, the actual tax amount noted and charged will be based on this 80/20 formula.


Will sales tax apply to my Summit Subscription renewal?

Yes, if you live in Texas or Tennessee, regardless if tax was initially included on your subscription, it will now be added.  If you work for a registered non-profit, please see below regarding tax-exempt purchases.


I work for a non-profit company, do I have to pay sales tax?

If you live in Tennessee or Texas and work for a non-profit, our customer service team can process your purchase as tax-exempt.  You will be required to use a form of payment directly tied to your organization (company check, purchase order, or credit card) and may not use a personal credit card.  You may also be required to submit a tax exempt form signed by the appropriate business contact at your company.  Please call us at (800) 433-9570 for details.





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