How do I know there will be enough Live Workshops in my area over the next 365 days to make sense to buy an “All Access” plan?

If you currently have 1 Live course you want to attend, then much of the cost to upgrade to “All Access” at $299.99 is already covered.  We also offer over 225 Online workshops that are included with the subscription as well!

With more than 2,200+ Live Courses across all 50 states annually, you are likely to see plenty of good options each year in most cities where Summit visits. Also, we offer more than 200+ Online Courses that are also included in "All Access." Finally, for more detail, you can check our website (which typically has at least 3 months of future courses listed, remembering we offer less courses in Summer) or call Customer Service at 800-433-9570 to get more information on your location.

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